Forged in faith and magic…surrounded in shadow on all fronts…man’s one beacon of hope…I give you Melbrum…

Welcome to The Last Days of Melbrum campaign setting, a world created through ancient rivalries, brutal struggle, and divine heritage. Melbrum is an exciting and dangerous place where player characters may develop intricate histories, versatile gameplay, and generate a confident role-playing atmosphere. Influenced heavily by the works of Karl Edward Wagner, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber, Melbrum brings with it a darker attitude where men struggle everyday to survive against immortally conspiring enemies.
Development for The Last Days of Melbrum began in 2004 and since has been a long road of excitement, sleepless nights, and trial and error game sessions with many friends. It is my hope, as the sole author, that players experience a high level of intrigue and excitement, and I thank you for your consideration in game choice. What started out as a small map on an eight by eleven white sheet has, over the course of many years, evolved into a fully interactive environment in which untold lore and story exist. It is not without sincere satisfaction that I now present you with what was once a dream.

The tone of Melbrum
The most distinguishing characteristics of the Melbrum world are its pride and sense of distinction. This setting combines both classic D&D mythology and gameplay with high fantasy and heavily developed social aspects. The history and timeline for Melbrum were tailored to leave many larger questions unanswered, so that one day I may develop further adventures

and story for players to enjoy. The story herein is not unlike a circulatory system, in the sense that the main artery is always flowing. Whether players choose to pursue the main story arch or not, the world will forever be changing and creating a much more difficult role-playing experience where NPCs evolve in both attitude and ability.
In Melbrum many large organizations exist, as man discovers through difficult trials and wars, that with assistance and numbers anything is possible. A Great Empire of mortals has come and challenged the names of evil in its realm, of which there are many. Led by the mortal born descendants of a powerful god, magic and martial skill has become more a part of everyday life to the citizens of this Empire. Created in the shadow of a once powerful Giant kingdom, many other power groups have established a foothold within the world. All vying for power in their own ways, with technology and religion serving as the defining aspects to every society and culture. In this sense, none compare to the Empire of men.
Many times have its borders been threatened, many times has its steel been tempered, and many times have its widows cried at the loss of their loved ones. But through it all, the Empire has stood strong. Over five thousand years, across two continents, and at the cost of hundreds of thousands of souls, Melbrum now finds itself in an age of intellectual awakening, exploration, and both industrial and military advancement. The opportunity exists here for player characters to infuse their own creativity into an eager and ever demanding culture where the people self govern under the guidance of a just and truly noble leader. Here all the right elements exist for great heroes to be bred of unique skill, mindset, and equipment.

…The campaign will be designed to accomodate inconsistentcy. I understand that many people have jobs, school, children, transport issues, etc. NO BIGGIE! Check the calendar, if you can make it you can make it. If not, theres always next time. And hopefully, with 13 players invited, we’ll always have a party every time. For the random days where 8 or more people show up, i have large scale contingency plans for that as well…All players chosen were drawn from an infamous list and I know you’ll all enjoy playing with one another, regardless of who makes it to the sessions.