The Last Days of Melbrum

Campaign start

Thris beginning

“…It is abit cold today, colder than usual in the far north. On the third new moon of the year 4998 A.O.T.(Age of Thestian), in early spring, just after the thawing of the great Icecrown river, many supernatural events have occured. Miners in the town of Thris have been disappearing by the dozen, and worse yet the Ogres and Kobold clans of the Ogreden, beyond Imperial borders, have grown more daring. Attacks have been made across the mountain ridge against imperial soldiers and dangerously close to the town. Knights have come from Blizzardroost castle to assist, but their hoofed mounts serve little purpose upon the rocky peaks. And worse yet rumors of a powerful lycanthrope and demon worshipping cult have arisen amongst the locals. Adventurers from all over have flocked to the area to carve out a reputation for themselves, but as of yet there has been no progress in solving any of these bizzare events… Is there no one who can help?”
-Baron Veronicus Hyperion



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