The Last Days of Melbrum

Day #1(cont.

Meanwhile… Haskel Quartzheart, Dorrandir, and his wolf lay awaiting their friends at the Prowl Orc family camp, they found themselves attacked by four Ogres and over twenty sling weilding goblins. Beside two dozen Prowl family warriors they stood, and together smote their would-be ambushers easily. Clearly only a skirmishing force, the attack provoked immediate reprisal from from the locals and PCs, once Firenze, Crimnox, Groddic, Tara, and “miss-punch” returned.

…Meanwhile, Seito, and elven magus, accompanied by Mo, an awakened panda bear, both from the eastern Violet Lotus kingdom were inching ever closer to their destination of Thris. They hadn’t seen any travellers on the northern imperial roads for over a week and were growing a little bored…when a elaborately adorned and well armed traveller passed them on the road. For a moment the three talked and Seito was capable of discerning the lie that was the man’s identity. And when petitioned for his real name introduced himself as Ronam Kenjutsu, a criminal leaving the Empire returning to the Violet Lotus. He called himself a “Demon killer” and when his name brokered little response, Ronam chose to continue on his wayward path alone…….Not long after their strange encounter with the ronin, did the elf and bear hear a series of concusive blasts and cries of battle up the road in their intended direction. Choosing to stop where they were, the sounds eventually died away and over a dozen half naked unarmed goblins came sprinting down the roadway towards them. Mo tripped one, the others didn’t look back and continued down the road. When interrogated for further information regarding current affairs, the goblin admitted to being a member of a much larger force currently retreating from an attack they had made on the nearby town of Thris. The two released the goblin, and hurried down the roadway to their intended destination.

It, wasn’t long after their fight with the four ogres that the friends reconvened at the Orc camp. Just in-time to meet two other travellers named Seito and Mo. Quite interesting fellows indeed, recently arrived in town. With a lust for some form of excitement the two fell in rank and file quickly with the other PCs, hoping at a chance to kill more Ogres, camped not but 10 miles north of the town.
Together, Firenze, Dorrandir, Groddic, Bob, Tara, Haskel, Seito, Crimnox, Mo, Hwrothrim Prowl, and his three children set off in the early afternoon to make the Ogre camp before nightfall. To the surprise of the PCs, the Prowls rode direwolves into the fray, to aid their war efforts greatly with vicious biting charges.
The journey was short and uneventful, until the PCs arrived at a small fortified camp, where the Ogres madce their shelter. Their were nine of them, all deeply enthralled in the rallying speech of their Troll cheif. Who claimed to have a divine power over fire, gifted him by the witch of Ogreden, named Thrrihara. Choosing their battlefield cautiouslly, Dorrandir devised a complex snare trap upon the roadway to slow the Ogre advance. And when the Ogres emerged from their encampment, found themselves much delayed indeed. Attacked on all sides, the PCs were well prepared to face their enemy. Burning their seige engine, summoning acid elementals to occupy the strength of the vulnerable troll, hacking away at the goblin swarmed flanks, allowed for the Prowls to charge into the Ogre lines and cause large amounts of devastation. Despite the valorous afforts of our heroes, no war comes without loss…and Hwor Prowl, the first son of Hwrothrim, was laid to rest beside the forest road.



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