Baron Veronicus Hyperion

Governing Baron of the town of Thris


Ruling Baron of the northern town of Thris. Responsible for overseeing the transportation of ore and lumber, keeping the king’s peace, and upholding the tenants of the Pelorian faith. With imperial financing at his disposal, he is capable of hiring outside help to assist in his aforementioned duties. He is the head of the Hyperion noble family and covets his young sister above all things.


Veronicus would do anything to protect his baby sister, he has trained his entire life in the monastic style of unarmed and unarmored combat to better both his body and mind for such a task. He is not easily defeated and is always considered armed. Despite the frigind north cold, he is oft seen wearing nothing but a lion fur cloak and light cotton robes embroidered with the sigil of his house. There is no mistaking his position however, when one views the massive amethyst ring engraved with the noble pick and rock of Hyperion.

Baron Veronicus Hyperion

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