Bladov the Bouldercracker

Phalanx fighter guardian of the Feywald in Thris


Adorned in elaborate plate mail and tower shield with a spear made of cold iron rippling with electricity….NONE pass Bladov without proper payment and judgement. For no man of evil or malicious intent may enter the Wald and live. Bladov serves as the keeper to a portal between worlds. One of several throughout the Empire, it is in these forested groves that the fey call home and protect the orphans of this world and theirs. Rarely troubled or tested, the bridge guardians are a force to be reckoned with when their martial prowess is fully demonstrated. Capable of hitting foes at great distances in melee combat, the bridgeway is his battlefield. None pass him alive without permission, and if insult is added to injury, Bladov hold the magical capability to exile any mortal man from the fey world…for life. Not only will the man be held in exile, but he will never perceive any fey through hearing, touch, sight, or smell. The written word of the fey will vanish before him and the centaur will tear asunder his body when they next meet, unless the greivance be repented…By providing a bridge guardian of the Wald with a heart of the enemy…a demon, the natural predators of the pixies, and destroyers of the wilds, only then will the acursed be forgiven and allowed once again to pass the bridge of the Feywald.


Standing 6’ 3", Bladov bears a strong resemblance to an angelic warrior. In beautifully etched full-plate behind a wall of a shield emblazoned with the depiction of a great twisting tree. Bladov is a jovial kind soul, always eager to make friendly converstaion and learn all that he can from new acquaintances. For it is his duty to judge the quality of men and allow admittance into the feywald. He is a half elf, alert and astute, capable of sensing even the minutest of hidden motives and seeing throuh the most clever of lies. Bound to the bridge for life or until he fails to preform his duties, in which case the bridge itself will cast him between worlds to contemplate his failure forever in limbo(the space between worlds). Something he does not take likely, for so long as he remains upon the bridge he has no need of sleep, food, water, or companionship. As the bridge itself whispers its contemptment for the one who serves it, in the form of thousands of long dead fey in the world beyond…Many share their wisdom, warnings, and kindness with him. He has no desire to leave the bridge, like all guardians of the Feywald who’s minds have been manipulated over time by strong magics.

Bladov the Bouldercracker

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