Bulgir Andrewsy

Half Celestial Cleric of Kord


Bulgir wields a greatsword of enormous size, the likes of which no common man could swing well. But Father Andrewsy utilizes his weapon with a sort of divine grace, as though it were no more than a stick. Light on his feet, he stands a whopping 6’6" with a bushy red-gold beard and matching hair streaming down to his shoulders. He wears the monastic red robes of a priest of Kord with a mighty yellow fist on the chest. Having torn both of the sleeves off, Bulgir allows all who gaze upon him to marvel at his massively muscular arms. He is the head cleric at the local church of Thris, commanding a small but elite following of loyal miners, farmers, hunters, and brawlers.


Having no knowledge of his human father, Bulgir was born to Akkarial the Trumpet Archon. As an infant he was forfitted to the church of Kord in the material world, and raised as a vigilante warrior and respected priest. Never granting his blessing without a proving of strength first, his is a traditionalist in his practice. What many come to learn about Andrewsy, is that that is not his real name…In fact, he doesnt know it. It is rumored that only his archon mother knows his true name, and that one day she will call upon him during a time of great darkness to stand amongst the legions of light against the evil that would claim the worlds of men. It is a destiny Bulgir does not question, only graciously awaits in his frigid rocky home of Thris.

Bulgir Andrewsy

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