Feldur Strenlock

Freed mage who was severely beaten and locked in Thris' tavern basement.


Found by PCs close to death in basement of the Pick and Tankard, when unchained and healed. He accompanied them to the Prowl Orc families encampent just north out side of town. He awaits their return to discuss what to do concerning Zaphir…and his revenge. Thus far he has told them only a fraction of the knowledge he holds concerning the going-on’s of Thris.


Feldur is a plain enough appearing man, brown short hair, mid thirties, brown eyes, short brown beard, 5’11", 170 lbs. Moderately dressed in black, grey, and brown robes. No jewelry or accessories visible to public eye.

….Recently he has forged a STRONG friendship with AKINARI the PC, under the presumption of mutual goals.

Feldur Strenlock

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