Matilda Briarscorn

White Lady Witch Beautiful Asian Maple Dryad


Matilda has lived in the town of Thris for over 150 years, since her tree was a sappling. Tended by a local coven of good witches, it was not long before she joined their group adding her collective knowledge of the natural world to theres. Matilda is a skilled herbalist, healer, and tracker. Knowing the Winterfox forest better than any other. Capable of travelling magically through the wilderness, she scouts the town’s surrounding area in search of danger to the orphans of her coven. Good natured, cautios, and friendly, she quickly has made many lifelong friendships in her home area, including witches, miners, merchants, lycanthropes, goblins, other fey, and even imperial military personnel.


Standing 5’ 2", with long flowing hair of burnt amber and skin the color of fading autumn leaves. Exotic to behold, her tree was planted by a travelling elven druid many years past. She knows not of his name, but is grateful none the less for his gift of life. Due to her inability to venture very far away from her tree, she has never been allowed to search for her “gracious gardener” as she refers to him. Though she desires such a meet above all things. In Thris she stays as a vigilante watcher of the little ones and magical folk of the wilds.

Matilda Briarscorn

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