The White Ladies

Local Thris witch coven known as healers and ambassadors to the world of the fey.


The White Ladies have been known to the town of Thris since it’s founding in 1,762 A.O.T. when a small group of independent merchants and miners settled the foot of the mountains and struck cold iron there. Since that time, the white ladies have stood as mid-wives, merchants of good will, and prominent healers. An honored and respected group they are, preforming various blessings, prayers, and acts of charity throughout the town. Raising all of the orphan children to lost miners. Cave-ins being a common form of early death in Thris. But, these orphans grow-up and now the majority of Thris can trace it’s heritage to a white ladies orphan, regardless of race. They pay a humble respect to the established temple of Kord in town, recognizing the priest there as a half angel, oftentimes they have called upon him to preform acts of great strength. However, with the local church of Nerull present as well, the white ladies bare a strong grudge against all of their following. For far to many deaths have “occured” in the town of Thris since the churches arrival in 2,653 A.O.T. More miners than ever before, hunters lost to the forest, even some of the orphans of the white ladies themselves. All of what the Imperial Inquisitors have deemed “natural deaths”. The Coven boycotts all Nerull church activities and wares and encourages other locals to do the same, most do anyway, more do on the ladies urgings and attend the masses of Kord.


The White Ladies, to date, are as follows…
1. Amy Stillwell; wife of Patrick Stillwell(local tracker & miner); Adult Female human, seller of furs and healing herbs; Moora Thornbrew’s apprentice and next circle leader.
2. Moora Thornbrew; Sister of Jen’Kaia; Venerable female human, local midwife, chief busybodyer, and leader in natural prayer. Moora serves as the human ambassador to the local Fey of Thris and it’s surrounding area.
3. Jen’Kaia Thornbrew; Old female human, settler of civil disputes, midwife, and healer. Jen’kaia reads the last rights to dead members of the many mining families lost loved ones.
4. Matilda Briarscorn; see “matilda briarscorn”; died the day following the third new moon of 4998 A.O.T.
5. Ophi Frostham>
6. Swan Frostham>>white lady acolytes; young adult human femal, bakers, weavers, seamstresses
7. Gwen Frostham>
8. Ellisa Jol’Jen; Old Female Human, interpreter of Obad-hai’s will on earth, white lady shaman, druidic spellcaster with a large Albino Bear named “Theiton”, orphaned to Patrick Stillwell the “tracker”, bears a resentment to Amy for her husband’s actions of killing the cub’s mother. And curses her days with hauntings of the cub’s vengeful father.

The White Ladies

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