Ogre's march

blackdragon scale


After the death of the fire troll chieftain in Thris, Dorrandir the druid acquired the ornate armor of his foe….+1(lesser acid resistance)Large Black dragon scalemail…That if worked to medium size could produce an equally powerful suite of full-plate.

Seito the Magus, acquired several scrolls from the goblin shaman accompanying thr fire troll….. Arcane scroll of Evard’s Black Tentacles & Mass Cat’s Grace, but chose to give the latter to Dorrandir.

“Miss-Punch” the human warrior claimed an ornate silver greatsword held by the lead Ogre of the column……+1 Silver Greatsword.

And finally, roughly 3200 gold was taken from the combine fallen and divied amongst the PCs.


Ogre's march

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