Diosh Brune

Thris White Dragoon


Diosh stands over 7’4" of massive build, rivaling that of Bulgir with boils all over his cheeks and upper back. His powerful hands could easily fit around the chest of a halfling. With no hair to speak of, he covers himself in elaborate blue warpaint and is seldom seen without it. Diosh never speaks, for he has no tongue. Nor can he write, and if he can makes no effort to do so. However Diosh rides a large feral griffon of gold and black coloring into battle. He is the temporarilly posted guardian of Thris and it’s surrounding barony. Owing his utmost allegiance to his order under the command of the Emperor…and only the Emperor. Diosh on several occasions has refused the authority of Baron Hyperion, but not without good cause. He is a protector of the people. A vigilante warrior soaring the skies high above the town cautious of threats and incursions at all times. He has won more victories in the town than any other man, yet cannot boast of them.


…Before Diosh had his tongue removed he was quite talkative and social. Always pleasant to be around, always encouraging others to do the just, morale, and good thing. However when he opposed his cheiftain in his homeland city of Khaarwearu(1,200 miles NE of Thris) his verbal capabilities were removed. So that he may never again oppose the cheiftain’s rightful claim to power.
….Now adays, Diosh says nothing. A fact he hates, though for him it is worsened by the fact that he hates his own hatred. Diosh has forsaken his life as just an ordinary warrior. And taken up a sacred responsibility as a holy paladin amongst the white dragoons of Pelor. Nothing means more to him…not women, wine, or wealth. Only the king’s law matters…they are the only words he will ever need.

Diosh Brune

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