Nepam the Guard

Zaphir's slave guard


Nepam demonstrates no love lost between him and Zaphir, claiming that he has only served him for the love he bares Velna the Nymph. He cares for nothing except her release, and when the PCs chose to investigate the basement level of the Pick and Tankard, there they met Nepam. Who at first aired on the side of caution. But, after revealing their intentions to disturb the on-goings of Zaphir, found Nepam to be quite cooperative.


Nepam stands 6’2", with short light straight hair, a clean shaven face, and bright green eyes. Clearly a seasoned veteran in martial combat, Nepam waste little words on meaningless banter. He awaits the return on the PCs at the Prowl family camp, in the hopes they will continue to oppose the will of Zaphir…he relishes the opportunity.

Nepam the Guard

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