The Prowl Family

extended family of orcs and their halfblood kin in Thris


The family is led by a one cheiftain Hwrothrim Prowl and a venerable Orc Wood’s witch known as Vlagya. Hwrothrim is a truly brutal leader, having killed three of his cousins to earn his seat as cheiftain, he has three surviving adult children, and two still incapable of holding a man’s axe. He has two dead, one killed whilst attacking a warband of ogres, goblins, a troll captain, and a goblin shaman. Accompanied by the PCs to defeat this threat to Thris. Hwor Prowl will be remembered as an Ogre killer amongst his tribe, a great honor.
…On the return journey to town after Hwor’s fall, Hwrothrim the warcheif vowed he would unite the local tribes to defeat the overarching threat of Thrrihara, a witch Ogre of some kind in Ogreden. She is known now as the mastermind behind these Ogre attacks on the locale…His remaining children and their sons will surely follow their grandfather’s warcry. The realm can be quite sure that a tribal war has begun across two borders…

After sending out couriers to rally the orc forces of the north, Hwrothrim the warchief rode out into the warcamp of the goblinoid seige forces carrying the dead body of his son to lay him to rest. There he was allowed to pass, alone, and in the midst of the enemy camp was swarmed by opponents. He, the direwolf known as Muncha, and the ghost of Hwor fought ferociuosly until death. The loss of the warchief to the Prowl’s is a great blow, especially following the death of the clan’s heir. Now a series of claims begin, to nominate a new warchief, and unfortunatley more bloodshed will surely follow, as challengers meet with axes over the tribal crown.


1. Hwrothrim Prowl(deceased)- middle aged Orc Barbarian, mounted on a powerful direwolf named Muncha,the chieftain dual-wields waraxes; he is known as grandfather to twenty two children, and father of seven halfblood children. Overrun with goblinoids outside the gates of Thris, he is forever the “Loving father” amongst his tribe, and his warcry will not fall upon deaf ears to his successor.

2. Hwrenn-adult half orc ranger, mounted on direwolf, he weilds a longspear and heavy wooden shield, and has proven a quite capable tracker. He is Hwrothrim’s second son and has seen twenty winters.

3. Hwrenna-adult half orc barbarian, mounted on direwolf, she weilds a greataxe usually in one hand and has proven quite easy to offend afetr the death of her older brother. She is Hwrothrim’s first daughter and has seen eighteen winters.

4. Hwor(deceased)-adult half orc fighter, mounted on direwolf, he swung the longsword called Ogre eater and was buried with it where he fell. His wolf will pass to his first son.

5. Vlagya; the Wood’s witch- venerable Orc witch. Blind but quite skilled in divinations and herbal medicines. She was capable of convincing Groddic the PC to enter her tent where she could heal his necrotic cyst. Only they entered the tent, and only they know the occurances therin.

6-24. Comprise of cousins and siblings to Hwrothrim, who back his decisions with martial force. They have lived in Thris all their lives, and protect it’s forested borders mightally.

The Prowl Family

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