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Zaphir is a mean middle aged dwarf, with a long scraggly black beard and matching shoulder length hair. He despises all things divine of nature, favoring the coin of fighters and wizards. He allows no “preaching” in his bar and is quick to annexx those who would do so. He employs several human guards and exotic dancing girls in his inn, the “Tankard and Pick”. Which he holds ultimate dominion over. At night the local Prowl family visits his establishment regularly, and they fully understand that any assistance provided him with trouble, will be greatly compensated in due time. Make no mistake, Zaphir is well-rooted in the town of Thris as a business man, proprietor of fine ales, and trader in information. With the loyalty of many locals of immense martial prowess. Even the local white dragoon visits his tavern on occasion.


Zaphir is a Dorauk dwarf, one of only a hundred or so descendants of an ancient dwarven line. He cares nothing for restoring their rights, or alertting the golden throne as to his existance. They ask too many questions for his liking.
Owns Velna the nymph, organizes onyx smuggling w/ charly redfang


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